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Waterjet Wonders, Ltd. is the leading USA designer and producer of Natural stone (Marbles) tile Floor Medallions, floor tile borders, custom floor inlays, and Porcelain floor tile medallions.  Every medallion may be fabricated to your material choice with our exclusive online design colorizer tools. If you need it in a hurry browse our extensive inventory of 'In Stock' floor medallions ready for Same Day Ship. Incorporated in 2001, we have 15 successful years experience in the design, selection of materials, operation of waterjet cutting machinery, fabrication, shipping, and installation of decorative Tile flooring for residential and commercial designer floors. We own and operate our equipment and facility. We continually modify our designs, processes, and procedures as technologies in the Flooring Industry change. We maintain a happy well trained crew to complete each design. If you need assistance in selecting tiles, sizes, or whatever please talk with one of our designers. They are extremely knowledgable in the tile medallion process/material selection and happy to discuss your project ideas. Waterjet Wonders, Ltd. works with architects, designers, home owners and decorators on the most prestigious projects in the USA. Feel confident that our expertise is there while your project progresses.

  Waterjet Wonders, Ltd. today has the largest collection of decorative wall-floor designs available for customization online. We offer Polished or Honed Marble wall or flooring medallions in a variety of sizes, styles and options, made with natural stone, travertine,  marble, granite, exotics, Glass, Metals and porcelain tile. We have many wall and floor tile border inlay styles. Since we design and manufacture them ourselves you may customize these to better accent your space. Waterjet Wonders, Ltd. has earned its position as the place for professionals and homeowners looking for distinctive Art in Stone pieces.

Our innovative online colorizer offers many options to Customize any piece to your unique design parameters. Choose from the broad collection of wall-floor medallion designs available indexed from the online Catalog. Open the colorizer page of your design choice to visualize with  granite, marble, travertine, Stone, Porcelain, Glass, or Metal. Our complex medallion colorizers have a feature whereby you may save your tile color choices and retrieve them within 30 days. Utilize the banding options to introduce more design features further customizing your wall-floor medallion. All products are of highest quality attainable utilizing latest waterjet cutting technology and state of the art assembly processes.

  All our medallions are 3/8" solid Materials. None of our products are backed with aluminum (which is representative of an imported inferior product with a laminate or thin veneer application.) No Bowing during shipment or bowing during installation (weights overnight). No epoxy setting materials neccessary. No Corrosion leading to 'pop ups'. No Cadmium/Lead in your home. No installation problems. Truly Made in USA. Many irreputable sources take ours and others pictures and claim to have made them. Be assured they did not and are incapable of producing works of this quality.


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